About Us


Combined experience of 40 years in the industry including Airline and Charter operations mean that we are true experts in our field and the extra knowledge we would impart on students is worth a great deal. Our staff will assist with whatever is necessary to ensure a pleasurable and worth-while training experience.


It is important to understand that Aircraft are mechanical by nature and of course have no emotions, a machine does not care who flies it, male or female, strong or weak, it just wants to be flown in a technically correct manner so that it can perform optimally, otherwise it won’t perform at all. If one really understands this statement it becomes clear that Aviation is a very responsible endeavour and can never be taken lightly, that is why we strive to ensure training of the highest quality and safety. We have an open door policy towards all our students and engage on a regular basis with Parents, sponsors or concerned family to report on progress and challenges.

Aviaiton Training School
SkyRaiders Aviation Training is a flight school devoted to producing pilots that are “marketable” in the aviation industry so we help to place pilots after completion of their training.

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Charter Services
Avoid the hustle and bustle of public air travel. Charter your own flight and relax in the comfort of one of our planes or even use our business travel that has never felt so sumptuous. Let us get you, your colleagues, and your corporate clients to your destination in ultimate style.– where our service is as efficient as our pilots.

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Plane Storage and Services
Whether you are looking for a place to store your aircraft for a year, a week, or permanently, SkyRaiders has you covered . We provide both long and short term hangar storage, and can even include services such as making sure your aircraft is flight ready when you need it.

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Our hangar and facilities have been carefully furnished to ensure an environment conducive to effective training. Private de-brief rooms are available as well as a fully equipped crew lounge, kitchen and Wi-Fi internet. Our state of the art Audio and Visual aids assist in making each minute spent in the classroom valuable and enjoyable. Aviation should be fun, although safety and efficiency is our primary objective, flying to those who have a passion for it is not a job but rather a lifestyle.